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Safety and security are the foundation of all successful educational experiences. Ideally, schools would experience no crises, no violence, and no threats — internal or external. Ideally, school leaders would never need to consider terrorism, natural disasters, gangs, drugs, or bullying. Realistically, a concerted effort and a systematic approach are required.

The Safe Schools Survey for Middle and High School Students, authored by the National Council on Educational Statistics, provides an important opportunity to check in with students on their safety-related perceptions and experiences. Research shows that students who do not feel safe cannot be successful in school. Every child should have the right to go to school in a safe environment, and it is the most important job of any school or district to guarantee security for all students. While external issues may always arise, keeping on top of any internal issues is key. From discipline problems and student behavior in class to concerns in the hallway or locker room, being vigilant is sometimes not enough. Students may hide issues or be reluctant to come forward for fear of retribution or further bullying. A direct and confidential safety survey is a strong component of every safety plan, helping you to tackle issues related to threats like weapons, drugs, cyberbullying, and harassment, whether they take place on the bus, at lunch, during extracurricular activities, or at any other point in a student’s life.

Don’t wait until something happens. Take proactive steps now to assess and improve security in your schools. Find out sooner by asking students about their perceived safety and taking action on your findings.

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