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Stepping into a new teaching position can mean plenty of changes, whether the teacher is brand new or transferring from another position. Building a support system to answer questions, offer help, and provide encouragement can be a huge step toward making new teachers successful. Successful teachers are more likely to stay in their positions longer, keeping churn low and retention high.

The New Teacher Mentoring Survey is designed to collect feedback from new teachers involved in a mentoring program. Questions ask about the frequency of meetings with a mentor, the type of support received, and the quality of the relationship. Learning about the experiences of new teachers allows you to improve professional development programs, your hiring process, and the onboarding experience. New teachers may not always feel comfortable offering negative feedback or constructive criticism, but asking them directly assures them that you value their opinions. Surveys can also be set as anonymous, removing the ability to identify who gave each piece of feedback. Anonymity can increase response rates and improve data quality, as the respondents are more likely to give candid feedback when their identities are protected.

Developing a regular plan to connect with mentors and mentees ensures you’re capturing feedback you can put to immediate use, improving the experience for all involved. Engaged teachers lead to student success, increase retention, and a rise in quality all around.

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