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School staff play many roles through every single day. To students, they are cheerleaders, guides, and evaluators. To their peers, they are colleagues, mentors, friends, and supervisors. In the meantime, they’re also individuals with a wide range of professional and personal goals. Filling all of these roles successfully means staff members must feel safe and secure both physically and professionally. Since successful staff members lead to successful students, ensuring school staff are satisfied with their work climate is critical.

The School Climate Survey for Staff provides valuable insight into both staff members’ overall rating of the success of their schools and the reasons behind this sentiment. Key areas of exploration include academic preparation, student support, school leadership, parent engagement, safety, and behavior. Teachers and staff can also provide feedback on school and district operations, noting any communication issues or inconsistencies. Including demographic data allows you to break down these responses even further, identifying whether some concerns are department-specific, related to years of experience, or correlated with some other variable. Results can be used to inform professional development programming and to improve any perceived communication issues.

When combined with a simultaneously delivered School Climate Survey for Parents and School Climate Survey for Students, data can help to highlight areas for improvement that will impact all three stakeholder groups. Set an annual plan to collect this feedback and you’ll enable both simplified trend analysis and meaningful dialogue with your entire learning community.

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