Why do universities love SoGoSurvey?

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Quick Survey Builder

Our easy-to-use online survey builder guides beginners through creating a survey.

intuitive reports

Survey Tracker

This handy tool helps you track survey invitations, reminders, and participation status.

Merge & Export

SoGoSurvey allows you to merge surveys and export data, including to Excel or SPSS.

adding known demographics

Real-time Results

Our superior reporting tools display dynamic survey results, graphically and statistically.

Survey Library

We offer ready-to-go survey templates which are fully customizable to meet your specific needs.

Create Multilingual Surveys

Multilingual Surveys

Invite participants to take your survey in their preferred language.

“I was blown away by how easy the product was to use, and yet had the incredible depth to do everything I wanted to do, including customized reports.”

- Joseph Shields, Carthage College

Joseph Testimonial

“I had never done a survey before, but SoGoSurvey was really user friendly and it was easy to create the survey. We sent it to 2,000 people.”

- Jenna Warner, University of Texas at Austin

Jenna Warner testimonial

“The user interface is clear and very organized. I created my first online survey within just 30 minutes. I am very satisfied
with the user interface and data analysis. Amazing survey tool.”

- Chi-Liang Yu, Ed.D., Instruction Technology, University of Houston

Chi-Lang Yu Testimonial

Start from scratch, or use our fully customizable survey templates!

Employee Engagement Survey Template

Employee Engagement Survey

Education is all about people, and your employees make a huge difference. Drill down with questions based on our 8 Employee Engagement Drivers.

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University Alumni Survey Sample

University Alumni Survey

Keep in touch with graduates to gain insights on their experiences and build future growth.

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Employee Exit Survey Sample

Employee Exit Survey

Good people move on – make sure it’s for the right reasons. These thoughtful questions reveal negative patterns that may be draining your talent pool.

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Create amazing online surveys with these features and more.

  • Advanced design
  • Intuitive interface
  • Point-and-click editing
  • Translate into 30+ languages
  • Thank you messages
  • Create polls & assessments
  • Embed multimedia
  • Embedded data
  • Superior Reporting
  • Drill down into data
  • Import data for analysis
  • Export to Excel and SPSS


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