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Ready-to-Use Answer Catalog

SoGoSurvey’s Answer Library comes pre-filled with commonly used answer sets such as lists of states, countries, and occupations. This means you don’t have to manually enter these common answer choices each time. Quickly and easily apply an answer set while editing your preferred question type. Plus, save your own freqently used answer choices to the survey Answer Library to create your own list of answer sets. This feature saves you time and effort, especially with answer sets you'll be using across multiple projects, like your organization's departments, products, or locations.

  • Saves time – no need to type in answers individually
  • Access customized, pre-written answers for your survey
  • Store frequently used answer choices

Re-using answer options from the survey Answer Library makes survey design quick and convenient, so you can spend more time putting your survey results into action.

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Also known as: answer library, saved answers

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