Engaged employees improve the patient experience

Conducting regular, meaningful employee engagement surveys is one of the most important things you can do to ensure patients are satisfied. A healthy work environment is a key component of quality care, and engaged employees give their best for their patients every day.

Finding out what you need to know is easy with SoGoSurvey’s field-tested Employee Engagement Survey. Conduct your own online employee surveys quickly and easily and hone in on the key areas that influence employee engagement.

Employee Engagement – Prioritized

Prioritized - Employee Engagement Survey

Questions That Count

Gather meaningful feedback on core satisfaction topics and research-based engagement drivers.

A Measurable Difference

Analysis results in scores and correlations that allow you to target key improvements that will have the highest impact on engagement. Plus, learn where you’re already successful.

Intelligent Analysis

Out-of-the-box reports help you drill down on specifics, looking at data by department, tenure, or even job title.

Genuine Continuous Improvement

Comprehensive Approach

Gain insight from everyone to find out where inter-departmental cooperation is working – and where it’s not.

Instant Information

Keep your finger on the pulse of operational issues, identifying solutions before they turn into major concerns.

Data To Go

Presentation-ready reports are in your hands on demand, whether you’re sharing with your team or accreditation auditors.

Internal Satisfaction with Departments Survey

When you improve the employee experience, you improve the patient experience. Get started today with SoGoSurvey and make a commitment to improvement.


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