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Healthcare Surveys

Transform your practice through real-time feedback and deep learning. Take a proactive approach to healthcare surveys.

Practicing quality care

To stay compliant and secure funding, healthcare providers need to make the grade in patient and staff satisfaction. There’s a lot at stake – we get it. You need a proven system that gets it right so you can have confidence in the results.

Once upon a time, healthcare surveys required compiling and analyzing data by hand – time consuming and expensive work. Multiplying by every patient satisfaction survey, HCAHPS survey, and employee survey, the work piled up. Now, online survey technology has transformed research, accelerating the process to achieve the same high-quality results at a fraction of the cost.

We all benefit from taking advantage of progress, while still learning from precedent. In health care, advances in treatments and technology reduce recovery time and improve health outcomes, but the principles of quality care remain the same.

Similarly, SoGoSurvey uses proven methodology, combined with healthcare expertise, to swiftly and securely capture data and apply analysis for immediate impact. Everyone – from solo professionals to physician groups, clinics to hospitals – can achieve top-notch results in less time, for less effort and less money. Now that’s progress.

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"SoGo’s customer service experience is second to none. The platform is extremely user friendly, customizable, and offers great functions for data collection and analysis."

Nejla Liias - President and Founder

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