Positively Proactive Healthcare Surveys

Transform your practice through real-time feedback and deep learning. Take a proactive approach to healthcare surveys.

Health survey questionnaires get to the heart of quality care

To stay compliant and secure funding, healthcare providers need to make the grade in patient and staff satisfaction. Our healthcare survey software gets it right so you can have confidence in the results.

For years, conducting healthcare surveys required compiling and analyzing data by hand for every employee engagement, HCAHPS, and patient satisfaction survey. Now, online survey technology and healthcare survey templates can achieve the same high-quality results at a fraction of the cost.

Our powerful healthcare survey software swiftly and securely captures data and applies analysis for immediate impact. Everyone – from solo professionals to physician groups, clinics to hospitals – can achieve top-notch results in less time, for less effort and less money, using our customizable health survey questionnaires and sample survey templates.

Healthcare surveys help build healthy communities

Patient Experience: Know What They're Thinking

High patient satisfaction garners more funding, reduces risk, retains staff, and grows loyalty. Every aspect of the patient experience affects their perceptions. Using our online patient satisfaction surveys and other healthcare survey templates, providers can connect with patients, gather important feedback and respond in the moment to address patient issues.

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Why? Become their healthcare provider of choice

How? Collect feedback with hospital satisfaction surveys to improve the patient experience

Wow! Grow a healthy reputation and robust bottom line

Employee Engagement: Grow Excellence

To retain critical talent, providers need to understand how their employees feel about what they do, who they work with, and where their career is going. Survey healthcare professionals to accurately measure the employee experience.

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Why? Become their healthcare employer of choice

How? Survey healthcare staff to grow engagement and create better health outcomes

Wow! Grow a healthy reputation and robust bottom line

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