Survey Distribution Methods That Get Results

SoGoSurvey takes survey distribution from an elegantly simple process to strategic and powerful results. Multiple publishing modules let you choose your ideal connection opportunities, meeting participants where they are. You’ll love how easy distribution can be, and your participants will love the easy access through their preferred sources. As a one stop survey tool, we never stop, and you’ll find customer suggestions implemented throughout our platform. No wonder users find our survey distribution methods so intuitive – they’re built on user feedback!

"It's incredibly easy to build your survey. They also make it very easy for you to distribute your survey – social media websites, regular websites, via email and even via text messages."

- Chris Kre, University of Berlin

University of Berlin Testimonial

Build surveys people like to take

Ways to distribute your survey

Distribute Your Survey

Choose the methods that best suit your audience and purpose, including:

  • Sending email invitations
  • Publishing on social media
  • Website feedback survey
  • Embedding survey on a web page
  • SMS or offline access

Publish Surveys on Social Media

Expand your reach to gather feedback from friends, fans, and followers. Publish directly to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+.

  • Increase response rates
  • Reach a wider audience
  • Generate new leads
  • Grow your connections
Share survey on Facebook, Twitter and Google+
SoGoSurvey's Website Feedback Survey

Website Feedback Survey

Gather instant feedback to find out what works on your website and what doesn’t. With SoGoSurvey’s Website Feedback Survey, you’ll automatically add a small icon to your web page. When visitors click on the icon, they are prompted to take the survey that pops up.

  • Ready to use
  • Easy to customize
  • Meaningful feedback

Embed Survey in a Web Page

Integrate surveys directly into your website, collecting responses from visitors who are already interested in your organization. Gathering feedback is simple and seamless, matching the rest of your website perfectly.

  • Seamless integration
  • Custom look and feel
  • Embed surveys or invitations directly or as pop-ups
Embed survey on website
Personalized survey email invitation

Customize Survey Invitations & Reminders

Increase response rates with beautiful invitations and timely reminders. Start with a pre-designed template, then completely customize to meet your needs.

  • Include your preferred images, fonts, colors, backgrounds, and borders
  • Identify the sender name and address of your choice
  • Personalize content with mail merge
  • Deliver personalized reminders to only those who have not yet responded
  • Send invitations and reminders in multiple languages

Test Invitations

Confirm that your invitation and survey look perfect and function correctly before you launch with SoGoSurvey’s test invitations. Check it yourself, share it with your team, and go live!

  • Looks real, but watermarked with “test” reminder
  • Testing made simple
  • Responses not recorded in reports
  • Following feedback, publish surveys with added confidence
Send test survey invitation
Participants Contact Manager

Contact Manager

Manage your contacts and lists with a comprehensive, secure approach.Build, save, and modify lists for future invitations.

  • Build lists and sub-lists to send targeted invitations
  • Include data for information for Pre-Population and Mail Merge
  • Import contact lists from Outlook

Touch Rules

SoGoSurvey’s Touch Rules make it easy to avoid over-surveying by filtering out those who have recently participated.

  • Eliminate survey fatigue
  • Safeguard participant relationships
  • Increase response rates
Avoid over-surveying with Touch Rules
Restrict Multiple Survey Response

Restrict Multiple Survey Responses

Ensure an equal voice for each participant, preventing ballot box stuffing. Send a single-use link in an email invitation, or create a single-use code to share offline. If you’d prefer to post a public link, set restrictions by IP address and/or cookies.

Automated Reminders

Schedule both survey invitations and reminders for future delivery. Choose the ideal date and time to reach your participants, sending automatically even if you’re unavailable.

  • Save time by setting up invitations and reminders at once, when you launch a survey
  • Schedule reminders for delivery at set intervals
  • Reminders aren’t delivered if participants respond first
Schedule Survey Invitations and Reminders
Allow Survey Participants to Invite Friends

Chain Invites

Establish new connections and expand your response group by allowing participants to invite their contacts to take your survey.

  • Participants can each invite up to 10 contacts
  • Gather diverse feedback beyond your own distribution list
  • Build new leads and customers through participants’ contact lists
  • Increase your outreach and build responses

Email Opt-out

In keeping with legal requirements, include opt-out options with each email invitation. Allow participants to unsubscribe from all future surveys, or simply to stop receiving reminders about this survey.

  • Complies with regulations
  • Use default text and links or customize
  • Cancel an opt-out at a participant’s request
  • Remove all opt-out options for internal or other surveys, as appropriate
Email Opt-out Notification
Track Survey Invitations

Track Survey Invitations

SoGoSurvey’s detailed Track Survey interface lets you track survey participation through every distribution method. Find out exactly who has received your invitation, who hasn’t and why, and who opened the invitation but didn’t participate.

  • See distribution details as soon as you launch a survey
  • View and verify delivery and participation dates and times
  • Check in on details of high and low response rates
  • Export report of participation details, including delivery and participation status

Time’s up! Expire Survey Invitations

Researchers know that timing matters, and that fresh feedback makes better data. Because the validity of a response loses its value after a period of time, encourage participants to respond soon by expiring invitations. The survey itself will not be expired, so others invited later could respond, but an invitation can be expired after a set number of days.

  • Collect feedback that’s timely and valuable
  • Improve data quality
  • Simplify analysis with multiple access intervals to a single survey
Expire Survey Invitation


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